Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch Up :)

I've been MIA! I know! And I'm sorry :) So here's what I've been slaving away on while I wasn't blogging. First up, BIG KISSES <3
I was really excited to post these as soon as I made them but I was sending them to a friend and didn't want to ruin the surprise :)
These are actually really easy to make. You basically crush up a ton of Oreos, mix them with cream cheese in the food processor and form them into kisses. Dip them in some chocolate, wrap them up and you're ready to go. This idea is from my favorite blogger, Bakerella!
I LOVE the "Sweet Cakes Bakery" tags. I smiled everytime I looked at them.

Next up, a fashion birthday party I did. Also, my first experience with the airbrush kit I got for my birthday :)

The lettering and decorations matched what was on the invite.
Instead of doing a traditional border, I put sparkly silver pearls at the base. It went well with the silver pearlized letters.
Cupcakes! We had shoes and purses and lipstick! It was little girl heaven!

I made all of the toppers out of fondant. This one was airbrushed shimmery pink and I added a braided fondant handle painted with silver luster dust.
This one makes me giddy! I want red high heels on my birthday cupcakes next year!
Birthday Girl's mom had requested that the adults' cupcakes be plain. Now here at SCB, we don't do plain! So she got these adorable cupcakes with luster dusted sprinkles. They were so cute and shimmery! And the perfect adult compliment to the cake.
Boxed up and ready to go!

NEXT! What I've dubbed, the Garden Party Cupcakes! My cousin Lola and her cousin Sophia had their first birthday party last month! Because babies tend to stick inedible things in their mouths, we went ahead and made their cakes 100% edible. And really, who doesn't want some extra chocolate!
I really wanted this cake to look like it could take flight at any moment! And I think I pulled it off. They kept asking how many butterflies I was going to put on it and I told them, "Picture the movie Up. Only instead of balloons, we're using butterflies." I am really in love with this cake.
Both the butterflies and flowers are completely edible. They're both chocolate with an M&M center for the flowers.
Cute, fun, and girly. I think we nailed it :)

This is such a long post already but I'm so excited over this past weekend's project that I need to include it! This one we are doing in stages though! My cousin had his 18th birthday last Friday and he's into the whole paintballing thing. When I was thinking about what to do for his cake, I figured paintball would be the perfect chance to give the airbrush kit another run! So first I did a rough job of icing the cake. I wanted it to look more like terrain and less like a perfectly iced cake. Then I airbrushed it green.
Now for the camo!!! I just used another shade of green and some black to make the print. I also used the texture on the cake to add to the effect.

This went even better than I thought it would. I almost hated to "paintball" it. But...
I'm glad I did! Cake Boss did a paintball cake awhile back and I wasn't thrilled with it because the paint that is in paintballs doesn't drip like their cake did. During my research (talking to my cousin Josh who doubles as my photographer) I was told that it's because the paint is oil based. Either way, I wanted to make sure mine was realistic. My paintball enthusiasts seemed happy with it so I think it was a success.
I wanted the border to look like a bunch of paintballs lined up. It didn't turn out quite the way I pictured it but I'm still pleased.

So that's my month in a blog post :) I hope it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

This week is going to be a busy one with all of the Valentine's Day orders coming in! I do still have some time to fit in more though :) Below are a few pictures of the Valentine's Day packages. We've got amazing red velvet cupcakes with a subtle cream cheese icing and a pretty chocolate heart. Both packages (small and large) come with a bear and a rose.

I have a few parties coming up as well this month so I'm sure I'll have a lot more to post in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out for our next experiment, chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter filling and a chocolate coffee icing. This one is the brain child of one of my favorite customers :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bellini Cupcakes

This past week I tried my hand at bellini cupcakes. Let me first say that it takes A LOT of peach nectar to make cupcakes peachy. So after about a half bottle of peach nectar and a whole can of diced peaches, I finally reached a nice peach flavor. The only possible downside is that the cupcakes are pretty dense (but super moist)! The champagne buttercream went off without a  hitch, though at one point I did wonder if I had "taste tested" too many times :) I'd say the experiment turned out pretty well though. And since we've been working on getting the business up and going, my beautiful little cupcakes had a photo shoot Friday night with Aspect Graphics and Photography. I'll post the pics from that so you can see what a great job they did.
This one is our very first ad! Be upset that you aren't here in person to see the gigantic smile on my face!

And here is a close up. Yum!

That's all for this weeks bellini cupcakes. Keep an eye out for a Valentine's Day preview :)